Digital Advertising Networks

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Digital advertising offers the opportunity for integrated plans and the same flexibility for contextually relevant and timely creative opportunities. Engage customers where they are with our proven content, deployment, and monitoring solutions.

With Versavvy Media's digital signage solutions you have full control over content and what each, screen is displaying. From sending valuable information to screens, to sharing live local news and weather forecasts, digital signage can serve as your digital customer service representative. 

Corporate Signage Solutions

Video Wall | Way Finding | Meeting Rooms

By leveraging best in class digital signage software and hardware solutions, you will be able to display impressive graphics, video, real-time information, internal corporate scrolling news tickers, and even add customized messages welcoming your clients and guests. Versavvy Media can help you simplify the meeting room status and booking experience while increasing productivity. Digital Signage for corporate communications makes it easier for you to better connect with both your employees and customers.

Encode | Decode | Stream Transport

Enterprise IPTV

Versavvy Media can select and deploy a scalable IPTV platform, enabling your organization to provide information, entertainment and tailored messaging. Capture and ingest content from a wide range of sources, encode and redistribute them across an IP network to any screen, mobile app or standalone TV feed. Highly customizable and available in a number of styles, and a perfect solution for hotel TV deployments, corporate offices, hospitals,  commercial vessels and industrial complexes.

Our Mission

To design, integrate and support cutting edge media and communication technologies for a connected world.

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